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Memo - Essay Example o focuses on potential benefits of paying part of fee for the college attendance, for the students, to create a clear picture of the possible effects of the move on the students and the company. One of the benefits of the move to sponsor the students is the knowledge that they will gain and use in the organization. Even though the organization is a manufacturing company, it requires diversified competencies such as administrative potentials, human resource management potentials, budgeting and planning potentials and leadership skills. Having students attend the college will train them on the business and economics scopes that they can use in different sectors of the organization. Training students on cost accounting and managerial accounting, elements of the college’s accounting program, will for example facilitate efficiency in planning for organization’s resources and promote cost effectiveness towards lower production cost. Even though the company may spend significant amount of money on paying the students’ fee, the results, which is likely to culminate into higher profit margin, due to low production cost, may surpass the expenditure in the fee. Ef ficiencies may also emerge from improved competencies in human resource management and leadership that can motivate and empower students for greater potentials and productivity levels. Training some students on human resource management will facilitate an understanding of students’ attitudes and changes in attitudes for measures that can ensure favorable environment for students’ optimal output. Developing leadership potentials is will also help the trained students to facilitate the organizations’ objectives through empowering and influencing other students. Paying part of the students’ fee, in sponsoring them into the school, will also have general positive effects on their perception on the company, and commitment to the company. The move is likely to develop students’ perception that the

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The interpretation of Islamic texts is entirely independent of Essay

The interpretation of Islamic texts is entirely independent of historical vicissitudes. Discuss - Essay Example Most of the interpretation of the Islamic texts is based on the historical changes and this is modified in order to suit a particular context whether present or past. It is in this perspective that I will be arguing against the perception that the interpretation of the Islamic texts is entirely independent of historical vicissitudes. The paper will be split into various categories in order to look analytically on the aspects that support my argument. The first section will be a history on Islam in the world. Thereafter I will discuss and argue against the aforementioned topic. This will be done in different contexts like looking at the gender in relation of the Islam; this will be looked at in relation of the treatment of women and men through the interpretation of the Islamic texts. Each concept will be looked at analytically with the support of relevant reading material and credited sources. The last section will be the conclusion of the paper and how each of the said point has bee n relevant during the research for this paper. Each argument will be argued first with me giving my own opinion about it then using the citation from relevant materials and concluding with my own opinion of the said topic. Each stage will have the relevant support references. Introduction to Islam The history of Islam has in most cases been associated with the sole existence of Islamic states and empires. Since the beginning Islam was existing; the spread of the religion was on a community—state basis. It was both a faith and a political order. Within years and centuries after the His death, Muhammad’s local Arabian polity did become a very huge empire going as far as North Africa to Southeast Asia. The advancement and development of Islam and institutions are always intertwined. Islam: The History In the 6th Century in the Arabia brought forward the rise of Islam. The Arabia was the source and congregation of many beliefs. Christianity and also the practice of Judaism was in the region although for the better part of the 6th Century C.E (Common Era) they were overwhelmed by the faction of the tribal deities that practices barbaric activities. Muhammad (pbuh), the Prophet of Islam was born in Mecca in 570 Common Era in what is referred to as Saudi Arabia. His family dealt in trade and by the time He was 25 he was employed by an old woman who was a widow with whom He later married. At 40, He began to experience visions and also auditory revelations, throughout His occasional meditation retreat in the caves. According to Islamic Social Services Association, the angel Gabriel revealed himself to Him and gave Him a book in which he was commanded to â€Å"Read†. In the beginning this revelation was being shared with His friends and family and with instances He congregated on a daily basis with the growing number of people and the meaning of Peace was shared. The message that Muhammad (pbuh) had for Peace was met with resistance thus it made Him run away to Medina. The event is called Hijrah (emigration). Eventually He returned to Mecca and died in 632 in Medina and He also did not leave any male heir. According to Endress (1987), The word Islam is an Arabic word meaning peace, greeting, allegiance loyalty and obedience to the Creator. According to Muslims, Allah chose Prophet